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23rd September 2018 

Acupuncture in North London & Home Visits available in the Greater London Area

Welcome to the John Dixon Acupuncture Clinic Website


Please note, I only provide home visiting or hotel visits until further notice.

Home visits available in London (including evenings and Saturday and Sunday)

- Gentle and painless acupuncture
- Appointments & Enquiries by email or text are welcome.
- Helps Relieve Muscular Pain - e.g. Back, Knee, Shoulder Pain.
- Treats physical, mental and emotional
- Affordable and open to all
- Practice Established Acupuncture systems from Japan and China
Local Islington Acupuncturist John Dixon also offers Massage and Reflexology in West London, North and Central London areas. Highbury, Islington, Camden, Westminster and West London

Experience in Different types of Acupuncture

John has over 5 years experience as an acupuncturist and practices a combination of Chinese and Japanese systems of acupuncture in Islington. He is also a qualified reflexologist. Please see FAQ’s for more information on the type of treatment. In addition, John also practices reflexology and sometimes incorporates shiatsu massage techniques into the treatment for greater effect. Reflexology can also be included if required.

Personal and Patient-Centered to Fit your Needs

John’s personal method is patient-centered. Disharmony of the body can include both physical, mental and the energetic and it is important to take time to understand each patient as no two people are alike in body, life experiences or health.

Open Minded

As a Westerner trained in the Asian arts, John has the advantage of being able to develop a better understanding of the needs of the Western patient and use a more appropriate treatment on them compared to some high street Chinese medicine shops. Also, by combining his experience in Reflexology, Massage and his knowledge of the two systems of Acupuncture - Chinese and Japanese, he is able to offer a tailored treatment approach to fit your personal needs.


  • Gentle needle technique. - No strong manipulation of the needle. No Pain

  • Treat both physical and mental aspects

  • No hard sell to keep coming back (Generally 2 or 3 treatments would be recommended at first to see results).

  • Acupuncture is powerful It unblocks things in the body - tension, emotions, past issues. Its a sensitive process. With me, you will have space and freedom to go through it.

    Massage also offered or included

    If necessary or if requested, massage and reflexology treatment can also be given. As an acupuncturist who also practices reflexology and massage, it is necessary to take a flexible approach in order to offer the greater benefit to clients.

    Professionally Trained

    John was trained at an established British institute of Acupuncture, which is accredited with the Main UK regulatory body - The British Acupuncture Council (BAaC), which upholds high levels of safe practice and continuing professional development for the Western acupuncturist. He is a member of the Acupuncture Society and a board member of the Japanese Toyohari Organisation (UK branch). John also underwent further acupuncturist training in Japan and Europe.

    Past experience in treatment for Cancer and Palliative Care and Addiction

    John also has past experience in giving acupuncture and reflexology treatment in a drug recovery centre and a hospice and has experience of treating people for a wide selection of problems like fertility, knee and back pain, cancer, digestive disorder and stress related illnesses.

    John previously worked as an Acupuncturist at St Joseph's Hospice, East London in one the most dynamic Complementary Therapy Departments in a hospice setting in the UK.

    Experience with many different people and backgrounds and health conditions

    John has experience of practicing as an acupuncturist and as a massage and reflexology practitioner with many different tyes of people - different ages, ethnic or religious backgrounds and different conditions in North, East and West London. Highbury, Islington, Camden and West London

    Acupuncture - Finding the Right Point and My Own Personal Approach

    There are between 300 to 400 recorded Acupuncture Points in the Body. The Points all have different functions but what is the right point for you?

    The problem you come with as well as your general make-up means that there will be some points that are suitable and some that will be ineffective. But how do I find the right points? I could needle them all, but then would be very uncomfortable.

    The method is in correct examination. Initially, there is careful questioning of your symptoms and about your general lifestyle, which points me in the right direction. After that, I will carry out careful palpation of some of the acupuncture points based on some of the theories behind Chinese medicine. This enables me to find the right points to treat for your body.

    When the body is out of balance and suffering symptoms, some of the acupuncture points become "active" - that is they will feel more painful or have a dull ache when pressed or the tissue around the point will have some physical change - such as coldness, dryness, stickiness, be swollen or slightly puffy or slightly depressed.

    When the "active" acupuncture points are found, it is my job to bring them back into balance using needles, burning herbs (moxa) or massage which should bring an improvement in your health.

    Acupuncture is helpful for managing and treating many conditions and bodily disorder.
    In particular I specialize in:

  • Muscular pain – frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, stiff shoulders, back pain, knee pain and arthritic conditions.

  • Digestive disorder – Crohns, colitis, ulcers, IBS.

  • Gynecological – PCOS, endometriosis, painful periods, irregular periods.

  • Stress relief – sleep problems, anxiety, insomnia, stress related disorders.

  • Other long term chronic problems that have not been helped with conventional treatment.

    Standard Treatment lasts 50 minutes

    Price – 50 for a standard treatment

    Outcalls visits to your home or workplace are available if required and are charged at the same standard price of 50.

    Home visits are available in the London Area - Highbury, Islington, Stoke, Newington, Camden, West London and other areas on request.

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