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23rd September 2018 

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New Book Publication:
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The Tradition of Blind Acupuncturists in Japan

Blog/Articles/Publications. Crib Sheets Updated

FREE !! Acupuncture Student Study Aid


Available on free PDF to download. Simply print off at home, follow the instructions and put it together yourself with staples and sellotape - Easy as Pie!

This small mini guide book contains:

  • Point location description for most of the 365 acupuncture points including all of the essential points.

  • Easy-to-read information on Energy Circulation, the Five Elements Chart and the 24 Hour Chinese Clock.

  • Finally - the Key Acupuncture Points: 5 Phase Points, the Xi Cleft, Luo points, Back Shu and Front Mu Alarm Points.

    And all in one tiny free booklet which can be carried around wherever you go.

    To Get it - Simply Click on the little red square (Adobe Acrobat Icon) to the right of this text.

    Check out this Youtube Video for instructions on how to make the Cribsheet.

    Or if you are having trouble opening it, drop me an email, with "FREE CRIBSHEET PDF REQUEST" in the Subject bar and a small message and I will send you the PDF.

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